An Inside Look At The Legendary Cabo Wabo

How could I forget stopping by this venue in my first ever trip to Cabo? My first time at the Cabo Wabo was rather short-lived. I hadn’t yet turned 18 and did not have an I.D. Thinking to myself, “Hey, maybe wearing shades would add a few years to my look!” I headed confidently for the entrance with my aviators on. Sure enough, the bouncers didn’t buy into my clever scheme and kindly showed me the way back to the street.

That was some years ago. Now, I am glad to report that I make a point of coming here every time I visit Cabo – and that means I can finally share my opinion with you.

The band gets the crowd going at the Cabo Wabo.

The band gets the crowd going.

She’ll be “dancing” in a way that’ll make everyone notice.

The Cabo Wabo is super close to downtown Cabo and the Cabo Marina. In fact, you could easily get here by foot from the Puerto Paraiso Mall. The sidewalks in Cabo are a bit uneven, but walking the streets at night is quite enjoyable for bar-hopping adventures, nonetheless. Since me and my pals were coming from our hotel in Médano Beach, we took the cab for a brief five-minute ride instead.

We always sit at the same table because the view of the band is great, and it’s always available when we show up – coincidentally. Regardless of where you may sit, though, every seat is a good seat. That said, I’d like to point out that this is not a review of their food. This is a review of the Cabo Wabo club experience.

The People

This particular club is most popular among those over 30. However, there’s a good number of folks in their early to mid-20s who come here to party, just not nearly as much as in Cabo’s other nightclubs. In a word, Cabo Wabo has the most diverse age group of club goers.

I’ve noticed another interesting coincidence at this place: Every time I come here, there happens to be a blonde girl in her mid-20s soaking up all the attention on the dance floor. She’ll let guys get behind her, and soon she’ll be “dancing” in a way that’ll make it hard not to notice, if you catch my drift.


A bar at Cabo Wabo.

A bar at Cabo Wabo.

What Cabo Wabo review would be complete without a word on the drinks? My favorite one here is the mojito – hands down. In case you aren’t familiar, the mojito is a drink, originally from Cuba, that blends light rum with sugar, lime juice, water and, of course, mint. In my most recent trip I was told I might not get this drink in Cabo because of a “mint shortage,” but thankfully it was available here and in a few other clubs.

The margaritas are pretty good here too. They’re prepared with salt around the rim, on the rocks or blended – however you like. Looking around, though, it’s easy to tell that the majority of people just carry around beers in their hands.

The band finally goes on stage, ready to work their magic.

Service at the Cabo Wabo is great whether you’re at the bar or at a table – quite a relief considering it is extremely difficult to get a drink at some of the other clubs whenever they’re packed. Cash or credit is accepted, and your card is always swiped right in front of you with their handheld POS systems. The servers here do their job well.

I’ve never had dinner here. For that, I usually go to dedicated restaurants in town. My understanding, though, is that they serve things like tacos, burritos, nachos, guacamole, etc. in case you’re hungry.


Ah, yes. The music. I’ve arrived just after nine, and no one’s really dancing despite the place being filled with people having a great time with friends. But now it is about 10:34 p.m., and the band finally goes on stage, ready to work their magic. The crowd dynamic swiftly changes from a conversational to a dance-filled atmosphere within six or 10 minutes. And I must say, the band is good – real good. Those of you who appreciate good music will definitely come back to Cabo Wabo in future trips after experiencing it firsthand.

Vocalist performing at the Cabo Wabo.

Canadian vocalist performing at the Cabo Wabo.

Named after a 1988 song by the Van Halen brothers, Cabo Wabo is owned by the Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar. OK so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the live music here is among the best in Cabo. The vocals and instrumentation are spot on for the tunes they’ve performed such as Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” and Bruno Mars’s “Locked Out of Heaven.”

Entering the Cabo Wabo.

Entering the Cabo Wabo.

As the time approaches midnight, “I Love Rock N Roll” is being performed right before finishing up with their final tune for that night. After that, the DJ music goes on, and dancing doesn’t stop. There’s even an easy-to-climb-onto platform where dozens of people could stand on top of and dance behind a rail. As mentioned, the dancing does resume but only for a good 30 minutes before it starts to gradually fade away back to the casual atmosphere. The Cabo Wabo is open till 2 a.m.

If you want to really party it up after 12:30, I strongly suggest heading for Mandala as soon as you’re done with this one. There, the party doesn’t end until much, much later – especially in weekends.

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