4 Things to Avoid in Your Next Cabo Trip

After going to Cabo over the years, I’ve begun taking note of a mildly disturbing pattern of mishaps common in every trip. Heck, if there’s one word I could use to describe them, it would be “consistent.” The way to put an end to all of this? Know what they are. No, seriously. This brings me to the desk I am at right now, writing this piece with the hope that you too can avoid mistakes which may put a scratch in an otherwise flawless Los Cabos vacation.

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1. Sunburns happen SUPER quickly

We’ve all been through it. One way or the other, chances are you know what it’s like to get kissed by Earth’s closest star. And I’m not talking about the friendly kiss, I’m referring to — you guessed it — sunburn. Beginning July through August is when you could experience the hottest weather in Cabo. That’s not necessarily a bad thing since I absolutely love the Los Cabos weather from sunrise to moonrise. Unlike other travel destinations in Mexico like Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, for example, the air is not humid in Cabo. I hear a lot of ladies comment on how they avoid traveling to humid destinations just because it’s bad for their hair (sigh), so that’s nothing to worry about here.

A Cabo Boat

What you should worry about, however, is going out without protection — from the sun of course (what were you thinking?). Case in point. I woke up one morning and made my way towards our suite’s balcony to take in the precious view of the Sea of Cortés. Not once did it cross my mind that a half hour of hanging out at the balcony would be the cause for a sunburnt body when it’s barely 8AM! That was when I traveled to Cabo in August.

That put the rest of my Cabo trip in jeopardy.

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If you do get burned and still want to have fun in the Cabo sun, then do yourself a favor and wear a rash guard. Brand name shirts of this type are available at the Puerto Paraiso Mall in the Cabo Marina in case you didn’t pack one along yourself.

2. Beware of beaches by the Pacific

I’m no expert surfer or lifeguard, but I could tell you it’s probably a good idea to avoid swimming anywhere in the open-Pacific side of Cabo. Perhaps you could take it as a hint that no one else (other than whales) swims there either. The big waves do make for a great view if you’re looking to capture the perfect photo, though. Another area to avoid swimming or kayaking in is near the convergence of the Pacific with the Sea of Cortés. This is best remembered as the site around El Arco, the rocky Cabo Arch seen at the homepage of Go Cabo. It shouldn’t be a problem if you’re going there by boat. And last but not least — Divorce Beach. Located just across from Lover’s Beach, the name pretty much says it all.

Definitely feel free to swim and have a blast in any of the popular swimmable beaches in Cabo.

3. Watch out for taxi-ride ripoffs

As soon as the wheels of your flight hit the runway in Cabo, salespeople are ready at the airport to sell you a taxi ride to your hotel. They may even follow you around the airport to close a “deal” with you for a taxi arrangement. Know your options, and don’t fall for their pressure tactics. A number of kiosks are situated near the exit of Los Cabos International with agents offering taxi services. You may ask them for fares, but don’t be surprised to find even better rates by asking direct — that is, by negotiating directly with taxi drivers lined up right out the doors of the terminal. Note that some of them may be affiliated with the agents in the airport. This money-saving tip works if you speak to an independent taxi driver. Follow this tip, and you can easily save up to US $25 on the trip to your hotel. The savings alone could pay for a good meal and a few margaritas in Cabo!

You have the choice of going to your hotel by car, shuttle (van), or bus. These are all great options, but just do a quick check to make sure the vehicle you’ll be going in looks safe. And double-check that the air-conditioning works because you are in Cabo! If you are traveling in a group of six or more, it’s a good idea to book an entire shuttle for a discount.

4. The Cabo airport can confiscate your items

When you’re living the Cabo life to the fullest, probably the last thing on your mind is packing your bags. Due to increases in airport security, all I can say is remember the three-ounce-rule. I’ve lost count of how many travelers frowned for losing their sunscreens, expensive cosmetics, etc. all because of one final security checkpoint right before boarding the plane. Any liquid above three ounces should be packed in baggage to be flown under the cabin.

Avoid these common mistakes and there’s a good chance your Cabo vacation will be as good as it gets.

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