Why Everyone Parties At This Cabo Nightclub

You see it, you hear it, and you sure feel like partying there when you pass by it. But should you really include a trip to Mandala in your Cabo-bar-hopping adventures? There’s only one way to find out: I must go there, try out the drinks, and engage in an activity called “partying” for hours on end — all for the selfless goal of educating readers like yourself (save the thank you notes).

In case you’re familiar with the Mandala in Cancun, you might recall having to pay a cover charge to enter. Good news! No cover charge at the one here in Cabo San Lucas. Just be sure to bring some I.D. because you might get carded (it’s 18 and over only). Mandala is conveniently located right by El Squid Roe, another popular Cabo nightspot.

Mandala in downtown Cabo San Lucas.

Mandala in downtown Cabo San Lucas.

The first thing you’ll notice as you walk by Mandala is the throbbing bass that puts you in the mood before you even get in this club. Usually this place is packed, but some nights may start off a bit slow if you get here around 9 or 10. When there aren’t many people, Mandala will look a lot smaller than it actually is because they have curtains hiding about three-fourths of the club. Don’t be fooled by its small appearance at first. As soon as this club gets a good-sized crowd going, they will lift the curtains and Mandala will be at your disposal in all its glory.

Elegant chandeliers, large statues of Buddha, and disco balls.

There are tables and booths nicely situated throughout the club. Mandala has lounge-style seating with comfortable, soft seats that have sparkly fabrics. Bottle service is available. The service is excellent when there aren’t too many people. The only downside to coming here is that when it gets super crowded in the club, it can take forever just to get a drink at the bar.

The music here is so good, and you’ll experience all the typical special effects that make it even more enjoyable (fog, laser lights, etc.). You will notice many flat-screen TVs playing the music videos as well.

The night's just getting started.

The night’s just getting started.

I really appreciate all the thought that went into the interior design and decor of this Cabo club. In fact, I’d rate it as the second nicest looking club in Cabo San Lucas, right after the Cabo Wabo. Throughout this place you will spot elegant chandeliers, large statues of Buddha, and disco balls. It is a multi-level venue with rails lining the higher places, so you have many different dancing areas to choose from.

The bottom line: If you plan on coming to Cabo San Lucas and want to do something other than just relax, Mandala is a must-visit club that deserves a spot in your Cabo itinerary.

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