This Cabo Pool Is So High, It Has Its Own Ride To Take You Up

The sun is up, and it’s time for a fresh, new day in Cabo. Having spent the week enjoying activities at Medano Beach, the nearby Lover’s Beach, and the pool at Pueblo Bonito Rose, I decided to go somewhere a little off the beaten path.

During my trip, I keep hearing word about this thing called the sky pool. At the cafe, at the beach, even at the elevator I hear people mention it. Soon I learn that this pool everyone keeps talking about is one of the pools at Pueblo Bonito’s sister resort in Sunset Beach. One of its distinguishing features, as the name implies, is that it’s positioned high on a hill where presumably you’d get quite a vista of the Pacific.

View seen on the way to Sunset Beach.

View of Cabo’s urban side on the way to Sunset Beach.

If you happen to be staying at any Pueblo Bonito resort in Cabo, then you have complimentary access to this pool as well as the resort grounds at the secluded Sunset Beach. And I must say, this is a very, very nice place to spend your time.

Fortunately, Pueblo Bonito offers a courtesy shuttle service from any of their hotels to each other. A bus is ready to take guests every half hour or on an hourly basis throughout the day. And before you start to worry, yes, there is air conditioning, and it is a comfortable, clean bus. I brought my boogie board with me to float drinks on the water, so if there are things you’d like to bring yourself, the driver will be more than happy to load them under the cabin.

You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world.

The ride to Sunset Beach is pretty cool. If your trip begins at one of their hotels on Medano Beach, you’ll start off cruising through the best parts of Downtown Cabo. Soon you’ll notice that you’re traveling uphill and could catch a neat view of the urban side of Cabo San Lucas. In a few minutes something will emerge ahead that will brighten up your day even further: the wide and sparkling Pacific.

Waiting area for the uphill ride to the sky pool.

Waiting area for the uphill ride to the sky pool.

We descend towards the hotel, and the first thing to notice is a large, elegant gate entrance guarded by security. After getting clearance and numerous palm trees later, it’s not long before the bus ends its journey near the resort lobby at Sunset Beach. Once you’ve been dropped off in the private world of Sunset Beach, you’ll have to wait a few more minutes for another shuttle to take you from where you are to the sky pool further uphill.

This time, though, the shuttle is a golf cart. It fits about five to seven people and heads through twists and turns on narrow roads constructed specifically for this pool at Sunset Beach. There’s also what’s called a “main pool” below which allows children (the sky pool is only for adults). Of the two, however, it should be obvious at this point which one I came for. That being said, once you’re up at the sky pool level, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world. No towel cards are needed because the towel people just hand towels over upon request.

The swim-up bar at the sky pool.

Swim-up bar at the sky pool.

It didn’t take long for me to realize a problem, though: all the chairs were taken. Ok to be fair, there were a few chairs available, but none of those were positioned at a good angle to the sun. I came to spend half the time working on my tan (I am white as an egg), yet of all the good chairs that were reserved, most weren’t even occupied.

The view from up here sure is mesmerizing.

The sky pool has both an upper level and a lower level. I spent most of my time at the upper one since that’s where the music is the loudest and it is an infinity pool level, where the water appears to have no defined end. Speaking of music, this is a pool where the music actually is pretty good – for my tastes at least. You’ll hear DJ-type music with a fair amount of electronic dance. The loud sound system and bass really lift the atmosphere around here.

Killer view at the sky pool level.

Killer view at the sky pool level.

I find it inconvenient to have to get out of the water just to buy a drink at the bar. By the same token, I find it unappealing to have to wait for a server to come around for drinks. Fortunately, this pool does have a swim-up bar which is good not just for convenience, but for meeting new people and hanging out with friends. It turns out that I met a chick who has just got married and another one who happens to be a divorce attorney from Florida. I even ran into folks I haven’t seen since high school. Talk about a small world.

And the view. There’s only one way to describe it: breathtaking. The part of the Pacific coast that this pool overlooks definitely is not good for swimming, but the view from up here sure is mesmerizing. It’s one of those things where pictures won’t suffice. The vista here from the sky pool is something you just have to feel. It’s as if you truly are looking down from the sky.

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