Your Guide to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Dining in Cabo

INDULGE in a fine taste of Mexican cuisine right from the source. Eating good food is never a problem in Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo as both offer a wide variety of exceptional restaurants to dine from.

Although traditional Mexican dishes are so delicious in Los Cabos, don’t expect to be eating only Mexican food here. In fact, Los Cabos is well-known for its restaurants serving dishes from all over the world including Italian, Brazilian, and even Moroccan. Simply put, if you love to eat, then consider Cabo home.

Cabo Restaurant Guide

One thing that really sets Cabo’s restaurants apart is their breathtaking seafood.

  • La   Ricazon

    La Ricazon

    An easy walk on the street behind most hotels on Médano Beach will bring you to this traditional Mexican restaurant with a mouth-watering menu.

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  • Mango Deck

    Mango Deck

    Serving a wide variety of food and drinks with live entertainment, Mango Deck is perfect for dinner at the beach.

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  • Las Mariscadas

    Las Mariscadas

    This hidden treasure in Cabo serves only the freshest seafood from the nearby Sea of Cortés with their secret ingredients.

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  • The Tropicana

    The Tropicana

    Located at the heart of San José del Cabo, the Tropicana Inn Bar & Grill brings all the elements of authentic Mexican dining under one palapa.

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Caborey Dinner Cruise

Coasting along both the Sea of Cortés and the Pacific side of Cabo, see what it’s like to have dinner in style aboard this cabaret on the water.
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Where’s the Food?

Dining in Cabo

In Cabo, the three most popular places to dine at are the marina, the Center, and, you guessed it, along the beach. Wherever you go to eat in Los Cabos, you will find that each place has its own beauty. Dining in Cabo is all about enjoying good food in a delightful setting — with the right ambience of course. One thing that really sets Cabo’s restaurants apart from most is their breathtaking seafood. Seafood comes straight out of the nearby Sea of Cortés.

Since Los Cabos is a popular destination among travelers, it’s no surprise that the restaurants here are tourist-targeted. That’s why they command higher meal prices when compared to non-tourist cities in Mexico. In Cabo, a good dinner for two can easily cost upwards of $75 US. There are still, however, restaurants for people with varying price ranges if you know where to look. From restaurants with live Mariachi bands to others with beachfront entertainment, Cabo has plenty of restaurants with ambiences as incredible as their menus.