Your Guide to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Cabo Hotels and Resorts

SPANNING the white-sandy shores of Cabo San Lucas are stunning five-star accommodations. Found both along the Pacific side and along the Cabo Bay, these eye-catching resorts have everything you need to make your stay as good as it gets.

Cabo Hotels & Resorts Guide

By Charly Torosian

For plenty of fun in the sun topped by a pleasant social setting, stay at a hotel on the bayside of Cabo San Lucas. If you can’t resist the feeling of waking up to the sound of ocean waves or the relaxing sight of the sun going down the Pacific at sunset, then you’ll definitely enjoy a hotel on the Pacific side. Whichever resort you will find yourself in, be sure that in Cabo there are endless ways to have a good time.

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Picking the Right Hotel in Cabo

Few travel decisions are as important as picking the right hotel for your visit. In fact, it’s almost as important as deciding on a travel destination to begin with. Before you begin the process of choosing a hotel, you need to ask yourself some questions. Think about what it is that you want to do in Los Cabos. Do you want to spend plenty of time doing tours and activities? Is a good social ambience preferred or would you rather have the “away from it all” feeling? Are you looking for a hotel that is suitable for an entire trip without ever having to leave its grounds? We’ll walk you through all the different possibilities that should be taken into consideration.

Cabo Hotels

Resort vs. Boutique Hotels
Boutique hotels in Los Cabos, just as the term implies, are smaller - much smaller, in fact, than the average resort you’ll find in Cabo. If you’re just looking for relaxation, then a boutique style accommodation may be suitable for you; and you could save a lot of money by choosing one. However, relaxation is not a problem in almost any Cabo resort plus you’ll get a lot more out of your trip by staying at a resort hotel in the meantime. The resort experience just isn’t there by staying at a boutique hotel.

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Cabo Hotels and Their Beaches

This beach is just one big party happening day and night.

None of the hotels’ beaches on the Pacific side of Cabo San Lucas are safe for swimming. The waves are too rough for water activities, and that is why the only swimmers there come in February — the whales. Make no mistake, however; hotels on the Pacific side of Cabo have their own appeal (awesome views) and seem more luxurious at times. It’s just that swimming should only be done at the resort pools. Hotels with swimmable beaches in Cabo are mostly found in Médano Beach and along the Cabo Corridor.

Fortunately, there are plenty of hotels lining Médano Beach on the more popular bayside of Cabo San Lucas. Being Cabo’s safest swimming beach, you’ll catch lots of people here having fun in the water on jet-skiis, parasails, kayaks, you name it. In addition to all the water-fun, this beach is just one big party happening day and night. For more on Los Cabos beaches visit our Cabo Beaches page.

Land’s End

Some hotels here at Playa el Médano also offer spectacular views of the Land’s End rock formations as shown on the left. Outside of the Cabo Bay, you can enjoy incredibly tranquilizing vistas of the Pacific from a hotel like the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach. It’s situated just high enough for a view that stretches miles into what seems like paradise. Again, keep in mind what was mentioned about the beaches on the Pacific side of Los Cabos.

All-Inclusive Cabo Hotels

Many Cabo San Lucas hotels offer all-inclusive packages. These come with all sorts of perks such as free breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with unlimited free drinks in some hotels. When contemplating whether you should go for an all-inclusive option, consider the variety of the restaurant menus at your resort. Eating the same things everyday may bore some travelers. Fortunately, there are hotels like the Pueblo Bonito Rosé which have dining themes that change daily. Also, be sure to consider how often you’ll want to eat outside of the hotel. If you plan on visiting different parts of Los Cabos frequently, such as San José del Cabo, then you may want to eat outside instead. Don’t go for an all-inclusive if you’re the kind who likes to dine at new places around town all the time.

Choosing a Hotel Location in Cabo

If you expect to go on tours frequently and party at Cabo’s hot nightclubs later, then we recommend you stay at a hotel closer to the Center. This is also where the Marina is located. Most major water excursions and dinner cruises depart from here throughout the day. Some hotels are even a walking distance away from attractions like the Puerto Paraiso Mall. Refer to our Cabo Hotels selection to find a hotel close to all the action.

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