Your Guide to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Cabo Nightlife

DRINKING, dancing, and partying are what many say Cabo is all about. That means having a good time is mandatory in any Los Cabos vacation. Release yourself from your usual inhibitions, and enjoy one of the richest nightlife destinations in Mexico.

Cabo Clubs & Nightlife

By Charly Torosian

Get a taste of Cabo’s vibrant nightlife. Though there’s pretty much always a party going on in Médano Beach during the day, at night you’ll find all the action at Cabo’s clubs and bars. Most of Cabo’s nightclubs are within walking distance from each other. Note that Cabo’s exciting nightlife is neither found in the Corridor nor in San José del Cabo; it’s all in the Center and around the marina. Chances are you will be partying until three or four in the morning. And if you finally do decide to get back to the hotel, no worries as there are fleets of taxis literally lined up on the streets to get you where you have to go. In a word, Cabo’s nightly atmosphere is totally electric.

Inside Look:

The Cabo Wabo »

Being the hottest nightclub to feature live music performances nightly, the Cabo Wabo sure has the chords to move your soul.
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Weekends are the best time to party in Cabo’s nightclubs. And when tourists party, they don’t spend the whole night in just one spot; that’s why you’ll catch lots of people roaming the streets of Cabo at night. The following are three must-go-to places for your next trip to Cabo San Lucas.

Popular Cabo Nightspots

Mandala »
  • Get a pen and paper ready because you don’t want to miss this one. With elegant decors, good music, and bottle service all night long, Mandala deserves time in your Cabo San Lucas trip. Read more »

El Squid Roe »
El Squid Roe
  • You can bet to find this club packed with many young party people on any weekend. It’s so crowded here that they’ve even designed the place with three floors to deal with all the crowdedness.
The Giggling Marlin »
The Giggling Marlin
  • If you love to laugh, then come over to the Giggling Marlin. They put up a 50 minute show that incorporates audience members, and, when it’s over, the floor opens up for dancing and music.

The Nowhere Bar »
The Nowhere Bar
  • No, it’s not in the middle of nowhere. This bar is located at Plaza Bonita in the Cabo Marina. There’s a DJ here along with a dance floor and plenty of tables. Tuesday night is ladies' night.