Your Guide to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Cabo Activities

GET ready to have a blast. There are so many activities and tours to choose from here in Cabo San Lucas that you may not even have the time for all of them in one trip. Make the most out of your Los Cabos vacation by following our guide to everything you can do from sunrise to sunset.

Cabo Activities Guide

By Charly Torosian

The array of recreational activities that can be done in Cabo San Lucas is excellent. From diving and snorkeling to jet skiing and kayaking, having fun is just a heartbeat away. You may arrange tours right from your hotel or do so directly with the tour operators. If you’re staying at an accommodation situated on Médano Beach, then plenty of water-sports are as far as a short walk on the sand. Here’s our guide to Cabo’s tours and activities complete with photos.

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Featured Activity:

Snorkeling in Los Cabos »

Snorkeling in Cabo

Exploring the world under the sea is a must when visiting Cabo. Here’s everything you need to know about snorkeling excursions in Los Cabos. Read more »

Sunset Cruises
Dinner Cruises
  • Enjoy an evening out at sea aboard any of Cabo’s various sunset dinner cruises available. Even watch live entertainment performed by professionals on-board. Read more »
  • There’s a reason Cabo San Lucas is called the marlin capital of the world. With over 350 charter boats in the Cabo Marina, come see all the fishing action yourself. Read more »
  • Discover a unique variety of golf courses in the Corridor. See why golfers from all over the world play in Los Cabos and keep coming back for more. Read more »
Horseback Riding
Cabo Horseback Riding
  • With plenty of open landscapes to explore in Los Cabos, horseback riding is a great way to take it all in. Choose from a wide selection of horses for your adventure. Read more »
Jet Skiing
Jet Skiing
  • Embark on a high-speed joy ride in the Sea of Cortés. If you love water and you love adventures, then jet skiing in Cabo is a must. Read more »
Cabo Kayaking
  • As you paddle your way down the Cabo Bay, you will be immersed in the beautiful sights and sounds of Los Cabos. Enjoy Cabo’s natural wonders by kayak. Read more »
Off-Roading & ATVs
Cabo Off-roading
  • Take a journey down the Cabo desert with an all-terrain vehicle. Explore the unique geography of Los Cabos while observing the plant and animal life of the region. Read more »
  • For those who want the best view of it all, parasailing is the answer. Experience breathtaking vistas of the Cabo Bay yourself or take someone along with you. Read more »
Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving
  • Venture out into the depths of the Sea of Cortés where a world of rich marine life awaits. Diving in Cabo San Lucas is truly an experience like no other. Read more »
Swimming with Dolphins
Cabo Dolphins
  • There’s nothing quite like swimming with our finned friends. For years, dolphins have entertained Cabo travelers of all ages. See why you should give them a visit. Read more »
Whale Watching
Whale Watching
  • If you’re traveling between the months of January and March, then there’s never been a better time to see the whales firsthand in Los Cabos. Read more »