Your Guide to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Cabo Travel Info

WHETHER you have never been to Los Cabos or are a returning guest, you probably have some general questions about traveling here. This page is designed to help you get the information you need to know before and during your Cabo trip.

Flight and Travel

How long is the flight?

A flight from Los Angeles would take under two and a half hours. From Dallas or Houston, it would be about 2 hr 40 mn. If you’re traveling from anywhere else in the world excluding Mexico, then you might have to make a stop at one of these locations.
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What documents should I bring for customs and immigration?

Refer to our Customs & Immigration page.
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After I land, how can I get to my hotel?

Before you leave Cabo International, you will be approached by a number of representatives selling trips to hotels via taxi, shuttle, or bus. Private taxis from the airport are the most expensive option costing up to $80 US per group. As an alternative, you may opt for a shared van ride for a more affordable trip to your hotel. Buses are also available for about $16 US per person. There is a toll road on the way to the Corridor which most taxis and vans use to save at least 10 minutes in travel time. Buses typically don’t use this road.
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How far is my hotel from the Cabo airport?

The distance from the airport depends on what part of Cabo your hotel is located in. If you’re talking about San José del Cabo, then it’s only going to be at least seven miles (12 km) away. The Corridor begins as little as eight miles from the airport. However, if you’re hotel is at the heart of Cabo San Lucas, it is going to be at least 26 miles or 40 minutes away. We once had a taxi driver get us to our hotel in less time than that with a speed of over 90 mph (yes, that’s miles not kilometers).
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General Information

Where is Los Cabos?

Los Cabos is located at the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula in Baja California Sur, Mexico. The Sea of Cortés separates Baja from Mexico’s mainland.
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What’s the weather like in Cabo?

Refer to our Cabo Weather & Climate page.
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What exactly does Los Cabos refer to?

Los Cabos refers to two municipalities: Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. These are not to be confused with each other as they are very different cities. Cabo San Lucas is more popular with tourists while San José del Cabo attracts travelers looking for more of a quieter vacation.
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What is the local time-zone in Cabo?

Cabo uses Mountain Time. This is one hour ahead of Pacific Time and two hours behind Eastern Time. Mountain Standard Time is seven hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. Daylight-Saving Time is also observed.
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What is the legal drinking age in Cabo?

If you are 18 or over, welcome to the party.
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Is Cabo San Lucas safe?

While the incidences of drug-related violence in Mexico are rather high, Cabo San Lucas is one of the few cities where the crime rate is very low. In fact, one of the guests at our hotel told us one day that he had forgotten his wallet in a taxi. Upon discovering this, the driver returned to the resort, gave it to the hotel staff, and shortly after that, it made its way back to the right hands.
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How safe are the beaches in Cabo San Lucas?

In Cabo San Lucas, all of the beaches on the Pacific side are not suitable for swimming in. Médano Beach, on the other hand, is located in the Cabo Bay and is thus shielded from the rough waves of the Pacific. Chileno Beach is our personal favorite for swimming. Refer to our Cabo Beaches page for more on beaches.
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How can I change my money for pesos? Do I even need to exchange them?

You may change your money at a local bank, ATM, or even at the hotel you’re staying at in Cabo. Bear in mind, however, that you will probably get around 5 to 10 percent less than the actual exchange rate when changing currency at a hotel. Almost anyone from taxi drivers to store clerks accepts U.S. dollars. The problem with paying this way in Cabo is that many will use the old 10 for 1 exchange rate to your disadvantage.
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What exchange rate can I expect in Los Cabos?

Given the current market conditions at the time of this writing (updated November 2016), the exchange rate stands at almost 19 pesos per U.S. dollar and almost 14 pesos per Canadian dollar. Don’t worry about changing dollars when giving tips. Refer to the previous question for more details.
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Will I be able to use my credit cards in Cabo?

Yes. 90% of shops, restaurants, and clubs in Los Cabos accept credit cards. Visa and Mastercard are the most commonly accepted credit cards in Los Cabos.
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How should I tip in Cabo?

In Cabo’s restaurants, tips normally are around 10%. At the hotel, bellboys usually get US $2 - 5. We recommend leaving at least $5 a day for the maid of your suite.
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Getting Around

How much do taxis charge and how many are available?

Taxi fares in Cabo depend on distance travelled. The usual fare for rides around Downtown Cabo is US $5. Fares could go over US $20 for trips from the Corridor to El Centro (the Center). Cabs aren’t equipped with meters so always ask about the fare before your driver starts driving. If you are quoted a fare that seems too expensive, do not hesitate to leave the taxi and look for another one. In the Center, you will have no problem finding a ride no matter what time it is. Dozens of cabs are lined up near the popular nightclubs waiting to drive tourists well past midnight.
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Where can I rent a car from?

A number of rental car companies are located in Cabo — many of which are well-known American businesses. Avis, Budget, and Hertz are among them. Cars rent for about US $30-45 per day while SUVs and jeeps are around US $60-75 a day. Keep in mind that optional insurance is not included in these rates. We recommend using a taxi for most trips due to affordability and convenience. This way, you won’t have to worry about wasting precious vacation time staring at a map.
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Internet and Communication

Can I access the internet from Cabo?

Feel free to bring your laptop, iPad, or other internet-capable device during your next trip to Cabo. Most hotels have wifi internet hotspots that are accessible from their cafes, suites, or grounds (including the pool area). Usually, internet access is free, but some may charge a fee for usage. Internet hotspots are located around Cabo and in cyber cafes as well.
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Can I use my cell phone in Los Cabos?

Most major wireless carriers in the U.S. let you use your phone in Cabo and the rest of Mexico at a different rate. If you’re coming from Canada or elsewhere, check with your cell phone service provider and be sure to ask for their roaming rates in Mexico before your trip. We emphasize the “before” because most smartphones nowadays have apps that automatically update content in the background ‑ thus using internet and incurring data charges. Websites load rather quickly from almost anywhere in Los Cabos.
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Which hotels have swimmable beaches?

Most beaches by the Sea of Cortés are safe for swimming. This includes those located on the bayside of Cabo San Lucas. No one swims in the beaches on the Pacific side of Cabo since the waves get pretty intense around there. Check out the different kinds of beaches on our beaches page.
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Is there a hotel with a view of El Arco, the famous Cabo arch?

The only way to see the Cabo arch from the mainland is by being in the Corridor, the area between Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. However, the arch would appear a bit small from there since the Corridor is far from it. If you’re interested in a hotel close to Land’s End, the beautiful rock formations leading up to the arch, we recommend staying at a hotel on Médano Beach. And just in case you’re wondering, the arch is the captivating rock formation seen on our homepage.
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Is an all-inclusive package worth it?

If you want to experience Cabo to the fullest extent possible, we recommend you don’t get an all-inclusive package. But why? We believe a lot of the beauty in visiting Cabo San Lucas comes not just from the hotels, beaches, and tours. A good way you can truly appreciate Cabo’s rich culture is by dining at restaurants throughout Los Cabos serving authentic local cuisine. Sometimes dining at a hotel just doesn’t capture the essence of Cabo’s unique atmosphere.

HOWEVER, if you’re looking to save money without too much compromise, an all-inclusive vacation could be a great idea for your trip to Cabo. Rather than offering just a one-size-fits-all package, a good number of resorts understand that travelers want variety. All-inclusive packages may be offered in levels with different daily limits on meals and drinks. Some resorts, like the Pueblo Bonito Rosé we reviewed, feature a package with unlimited drinks included. We opted for that one after realizing, upon check-out of our first trip, that our tab had ballooned to over $100 US a day in drinks alone. In case you’d get bored of eating the same type of food over and over again, check with your hotel to see whether dinner themes change daily.
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