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Pueblo Bonito Rosé

Located near the southern tip of Cabo, breathtaking vistas of Land’s End await at this 260-suite resort. The Pueblo Bonito Rosé whispers hints of Mediterranean style through its architecture, decors and, without a doubt, its food. The fun part: it’s situated right next to all the action at Médano Beach or Playa el Médano. We’ll shed insight from our 11 day stay at this hotel and give our opinion on the things that matter.

Pueblo Bonito Rose

What Sets it Apart

Other than the obvious things like its sheer size, beauty, and magnificent location, we noted something special about this place from the very first moments of our visit ‑ the service. In fact, they do it so well here that you’ll sometimes get the impression everyone is working just for you. Check-in was a breeze, and we made it to our suite in no time.

It’s worth mentioning that you ask for an ocean view upon check-in. If they don’t have one available, chances are they will have one ready for you the next morning. Otherwise, you can still enjoy the view of this resort’s beautiful grounds lush with palm trees.

Mare Nostrum

Dining at the Pueblo Bonito Rosé

Before unpacking the luggage, we headed off for lunch at the Rosé’s Mare Nostrum restaurant. This open-air eatery, with an awesome view of the azure Sea of Cortés, is also the resort’s most popular restaurant. And in case you’re wondering about the menu, dinner themes change everyday so you’ll never get tired of eating the same food.

In addition to this restaurant, there is the more exclusive Fellini’s Ristorante upstairs in case you’re in the mood for fine Italian cuisine. The food is more on the expensive side, and if you have an all-inclusive package, they’ll only let you eat here once in your stay. The dress code is semi-formal. If you’re looking for something more casual, there’s a beachfront bar serving lunch and drinks — their sushi rolls are nothing short of amazing by the way. Finally (foodwise), the Pueblo Bonito Rosé has a deli with free wi-fi access so you can surf the web and check your emails all you want.

Main Pool at the Rose


This hotel sits right on Cabo’s safest and most popular swimming beach, Médano Beach. The water depth is shallow at first until you get to the sudden dropoff where tiptoeing no longer becomes possible. With regards to the pool at the Rosé ‑ it is big. Not only that, but the poolside chairs fill up quickly in the mornings making the task of finding an adjacent pair a real challenge. We had to bribe the towel guy a little to save some shaded chairs for us. We would have preferred a swim-up bar at the pool in addition to the one they have close by. Other than that, we have nothing but good things to say about the pool. The people are so friendly, and there’s a variety of fun activities that can be done without leaving the water (e.g. official volleyball games). The depth is constant for the most part, and there is a shallow depth region just for young children.

Lobby at the Rose

Attention to Detail

Upon entering the lobby, you’ll be welcomed by the sight of 350 year old flemish tapestries on the walls and a large chandler right in the middle. Though the lobby is not quite as huge as what you may expect of a Cancun resort, it is still a big, excellent place to rendezvous with friends and chat before heading out to town. The hotel grounds are well kept; pool cleaners start their work early every morning. Bird lovers will appreciate the large aviaries with exotic birds seen throughout the main grounds.

In terms of the suites themselves, we can only comment on the luxury suites since that’s the one we stayed at. It is not particularly big, but it felt both pleasant and welcoming. The suite has a full kitchen, private balcony, and an enclosed bedroom. The furniture is not exactly what we’d call new, and the door knob to the private bedroom had some moving parts that shouldn’t have moved. These weren’t big issues to us, however. After spending the days outdoors, we’d return to our suite to find everything clean and in order. The maid even went out of her way to fold an impressive towel-swan in the kitchen on some days. The real beauty of this hotel shines in the lobby, pool area, restaurants, and beach.

Carnaval at the Rose
Carnaval at the Rosé

Events at the Pueblo Bonito Rosé

As fun as this resort is on any day, the Rosé goes even further by hosting weekly events. Their most popular one is Carnaval on Saturday evenings. This Brazilian show features acrobats, fire jugglers, samba dancers, and comic entertainment involving audience members. The dinner menu is, you guessed it, Brazilian, and when the show starts, it’s hard to pay attention to your food despite how tasteful it is. As soon as the show’s over, the floor opens up for beachfront dancing. Due to high demand, we recommend making reservations for this event at least a few days in advance. Be sure to check out our Carnaval Picture Gallery to see what it’s like. Guests with an all-inclusive package may also attend the Fiesta Mexicana next door at the Pueblo Bonito Blanco.

Pueblo Bonito Rosé Service

Pueblo Bonito Rose

Before finishing, we must reiterate the high quality of service you will get at this resort. The waiters and staff were so friendly that after leaving, it felt like we had left our friends too. They were so attentive to our needs, yet in the midst of their work, we were still able to have some great conversations and laughter as well. One guest we spoke to had left his wallet in the taxi, and the hotel managed to return it to him before he even realized he had forgotten it in the first place. Furthermore, we trusted our expensive camera for safekeeping by a Rosé security guard one night. Sure enough, we got it back from the same guard when we returned from the clubs at 2:30 AM. Now that’s good service.

The Verdict

Despite a few minor imperfections we had noted in the suites, the big picture was that this resort made our Cabo trip as good as it could get. We were immersed in a welcoming, fun atmosphere with hotel guests. And the drinks, oh were they good. If you do happen to stay at the Pueblo Bonito Rosé in your trip to Cabo San Lucas, ask Ivan at the beachfront bar to prepare you a “Mike Tyson Knockout” (if you’re of age of course). That said, we give you the green light to visit this resort and have a vacation you’ll be talking about years into the future.

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